How does AVC UnDroid work?

AVC UnDroid is a free online service of AV-Comparatives that provides a static analysis of Android apps.
To use this service you can submit an APK by following these steps:

  1. First select the APK you want to analyse
  2. Start the file upload
  3. Wait until the file is analysed and the report is shown
    Sometimes it could be the case that a timeout occurs because of overload. If this is the case the file will be analysed when it is on turn in the queue.

What is happening with the uploaded APKs?

The uploaded APKs are analysed by our internal systems to give you a detailed report.
The report contains file hashes, the files graphical dangerlevel and additional information.

What are the benefits when registering an account?

Free registration has the benefits, that you are allowed to submit larger files, to access our statistics and to see and add comments to each analysed apk.

Where can I change my password?

To change your password, login and click on your username displayed on the upper right corner left beside the logout button. In the case that you have lost your password you can use this link to reset it.

Which browsers are supported?

UnDroid is optimized for at least Mozilla Firefox 12, Opera 12.10, Safari 6.0.2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.
Please update your browser if you are currently using an older version.