Terms of Service and Disclaimer

AVC UnDroid is a free online service of AV-Comparatives that provides a static analysis of Android apps.

Registered users (registration is free) are allowed to upload larger files, have higher priority in processing, can access the statistics page, see and add comments to each analysed Android app. AV-Comparatives collects many Android Apps continuously and feeds some of them to AVC UnDroid. This way, for some user-uploaded Android apps, AVC UnDroid should display a report almost immediately. App Stores which would like to submit their files as a batch to AV-Comparatives for a free analysis should contact us.

The output included in the provided analysis is based on Buster Sandbox Analyzer, ssdeep, APKTool and engines of several different mobile security vendors.

The shown analysis results are only intended to give an informational overview about the uploaded app. It is not intended to provide a final verdict or judgement about the file. Uploaded new and suspicious files will undergo deeper (much more time-consuming) analysis where the samples are executed on an emulator or analysed manually.

This free service only provides static information about files. Although it might in some cases be able to tell if a file is similar to a previously seen malicious file or if it contains suspicious/dangerous traces, it is by far not 100% effective, still in alpha stadium and only a research project. That being said, the results do not guarantee the harmlessness or maliciousness of an app or that it is clean. We advise all users to use a proven Anti-Malware product on their Android phones to be protected against mobile malware. Tests/Reviews of Mobile Security products can be found here.

If you are a developer of an app which you think is wrongly rated, please contact us. We will forward your app to the vendor who classified it as malware.